Discover custom Kolho at Mount St. Restaurant

Discover custom Kolho at Mount St. Restaurant

In the world of furniture design, customisation and individuality have become highly valued attributes. At Made by Choice, we understand the importance of personalisation and invite customers to create their own unique versions of the  Choice shapes. With a commitment to craftsmanship and a love for customisation, we offer a wide range of options to tailor furniture to individual preferences and needs.

A Factory fueled by customisation

At the heart of Made by Choice's philosophy lies its factory, where skilled artisans bring custom designs to life. We embrace the idea that every customer is unique and aim to provide them with furniture that matches their individual style and taste. From vibrant colors to diverse fabric choices, at Made by Choice we ensure that the possibilities for customisation are nearly endless.

Kolho chairs at Mount st. restaurant

Colourful Expressions

Made by Choice offers a range of standard colors for their furniture, but they take it a step further by providing customers with the freedom to choose any colour from the RAL or NCS systems. This means that no matter how unique or specific the desired colour may be, the company can bring it to reality. Whether you envision a bold statement piece or a subtle and understated design, Made by Choice will make it happen.

A World of Fabrics

Collaborating with renowned Danish fabric producer Kvadrat, we offer an extensive array of fabric choices. Kvadrat has been crafting high-quality fabrics since 1968, ensuring that customers have access to the finest materials. From standard options to Kvadrat's vast collection, customers can select the perfect fabric to complement their furniture. 

Upholstered dining chair

Mount St. Restaurant's customised Kolho chairs

An excellent example of Made by Choice's customisation prowess can be seen at Mount St. Restaurant in London. This contemporary restaurant, located in the renowned Mayfair building called The Audley, was designed by the esteemed architectural firm Studio Laplace, led by Christophe Comoy and Luis Laplace. The restaurant seamlessly combines architecture, art, and design, and its personalised touch is evident in the customised Kolho chairs provided by Made by Choice. These chairs, tailored to the restaurant's aesthetic, not only enhance the overall atmosphere but also reflect the attention to detail and dedication to craftsmanship that define both the restaurant and the furniture manufacturer.

Mount St. restaurant interior

The Kolho chairs featured at Mount St. Restaurant in London are a testament to Made by Choice's dedication to customisation and pushing the boundaries of design. These chairs have been customised with a striking red colour and Kvadrat Tonus 2 upholstered seating, adding a bold and vibrant element to the restaurant's ambiance. The choice of a custom red colour showcases the restaurant's contemporary and energetic atmosphere, making a lasting impression on guests.

The combination of the custom red colour and the upholstered seating on the Kolho chairs exemplifies the fusion of art, design, and functionality. The Kolho chair with the upholstered seating is a testament to the collaborative spirit between Made by Choice and its customers, where imagination meets skilled craftsmanship.

Red dining chairs

Discover Kolho at Mount St. Restaurant in London 

This newly established contemporary restaurant in central London is situated on the first floor of the renowned Mayfair building called The Audley. It combines culinary delights, skillful craftsmanship, and cultural elements.

The renowned architectural firm Studio Laplace, led by Christophe Comoy and Luis Laplace, has designed the Mount St. Restaurant to seamlessly merge architecture, art, and design.