Following the debut at Salone del Mobile in Milan this year, Made by Choice is delighted to be showcasing an exclusive collection of the Kolho series with Matthew Day Jackson at Art Basel 2019.

Kolho at Art Basel 2019

Kolho at Art Basel 2019

A bespoke edition of the collaboration with artist Matthew Day Jackson and Formica Group will be curated within the NetJets’ VIP lounge, marking the private aviation firm’s 18th year as Associate Partner of Art Basel.

A transformative client experience within the Art Basel Collectors’ Lounge will offer NetJets’ owners innovative and thoughtful curated experiences. Visitors will enjoy a collection of the renowned artist Matthew Day Jackson’s work including his ‘Solipsist’ paintings, while seated on and around our latest and most innovative furniture design project.

An exclusive bespoke edition of Kolho was created for the occasion of Art Basel introducing finishes fabrics with unique prints. Each piece features Jackson’s own-design Formica® laminate entitled MDJ Kuu with textures, replicating to scale, the surface of the moon, and derived from images taken from NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter in 2009, to honour the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 landing.


NetJets Art Basel Lounge Experience with Matthew Day Jackson


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