LIEKSA - reimagining  the familiar with Snarkitecture

LIEKSA - reimagining the familiar with Snarkitecture

The collaboration between Snarkitecture & Made by Choice is intriguing on many levels. It combines traditional Finnish furniture production with the vision of the renowned New York-based design firm.

The challenging yet skillful Finnish pressed bending is a crucial aspect from which the product's character emerges.The respect for Finnish craftsmanship and close collaboration are the cornerstones of the product's creation. “After several material experiments and prototyping we ended up with a very Finnish way of making furniture; bending birch plywood which makes the chair new in its form language, and at the same time very familiar in the way its been manufactured” says Antti Olin, Made by Choice. This is particularly evident in the character and quality of the product. “When different cultures and design languages meet, the results are often unique and unexpected.” - Niclas Ahlström, Made by Choice

“We designed these pieces with creative collaboration and connection in mind, as they were originally commissioned by our friends at Jayaram Law for a shared work space dedicated to supporting innovation. At the same time, the natural warmth of the wood and the distinctive form will be a source of comfort and curiosity in any room.” - Alex Mustonen, Snarkitecture

“The addition of the undulating cutaway on the pieces gives it a distinct Snarkitecture look, reminiscent of a mountain range or landscape.” - Clarisse Empaynado, Snarkitecture

Lieksa collection

Designed in New York, NY by Snarkitecture and produced in Halikko, Finland by Made By Choice, the collection is created to be a part of a new shared creative space with Jayaram Law. The collection was designed to foster creativity, social connection, and collaboration. It features soft, comfortable, and warm elements to contrast the industrial feel familiar in many creative spaces.

The collection builds on the Finnish heritage of bent plywood furniture. The chairs adapt a simple design that involves a single piece of bent plywood that splits to form the seat and legs. Playing with the balance between a known and established form, a playful and unexpected undulating cutaway is introduced which creates a distinct recognizable outline, reminiscent of a mountain range or landscape.

The collection comprises a dining chair, lounge chair, a small round table, and a dining or conference table. The tables feature a concealed compartment to store small items such as phones, notebooks, pens, etc. The lid of the compartment can be reversed to reveal a hidden landscape that can be used as decor or a rest for smaller items.


Snarkitecture is a New York-based design practice dedicated to reimagining the familiar. They collaborate with cultural, commercial and private clients around the world to design memorable spaces, experiences and objects. With a focus on sensory experience, the studio works across various scales and typologies, including retail, hospitality, residential, collectible design, and object collaborations.

With an ethos of “not art, not architecture” and a methodology that challenges conventional approaches to materials and structures, the team thrives on creating environments and moments that invite people to explore, play, and reflect.