Made by Choice Appoints Antti Olin as New CEO

Made by Choice Appoints Antti Olin as New CEO

"Design and Economy Must Go Hand in Hand.”

Made by Choice is pleased to announce the appointment of Antti Olin as a partner and CEO of the company. He will assume his position in May 2023.

Antti Olin has a background as an entrepreneur and has worked extensively as a design and brand director at Isku. He has also held and continues to hold various positions of trust, serving on boards and advisory boards such as the Finnish Design Foundation, the Finnish Association for Work and Next Nordic Design. These roles highlight Antti's extensive network. In his leadership, Antti emphasizes the importance of networks and different collaboration models.

Olin is known for his ability to lead comprehensive initiatives and seeks to find greater meaning for the future of interior design and furnishing. As someone with a background in design himself, Olin has been responsible for the design of numerous widely distributed product ranges, always having a sketch pad and pencil on his desk.

"Lasse Laine, Sebastian Jansson, and Niclas Ahlström, the founding trio, and the entire Made by Choice team have successfully built a unique brand centered around sustainably manufactured products." As CEO, Olin sees the financial sustainability and expansion of the young company as key tasks.

"Made by Choice is entering a new era of growth and profitability, and Antti's strong experience in furniture industry leadership is very welcome to us," says Niclas Ahlström.

"Made by Choice represents the absolute top of design furniture manufacturers, with renowned designers behind the products," he adds. "In addition to that, the collaboration with internationally acclaimed artists and cross-disciplinary collections takes our range to a new level, turning the choice of a product for the home or workplace into an art investment!"

"The rise in product appreciation, coupled with skilled craftsmanship by talented carpenters in Halikko, Finland, is a combination that has a promising future - a choice that also supports sustainable development," comments Olin.

Established in 2015, Made by Choice is a Finnish design company and furniture manufacturer inspired by Nordic happiness. For Made by Choice, happiness means not only enjoying life, creativity, and high-quality design but also embracing ethical values and production methods.

Founded by Lasse Laine, Sebastian Jansson, and Niclas Ahlström, Made by Choice combines the tradition of Finnish woodworking craftsmanship with modern technology and urban lifestyle.