Exploring the Sieni Collection at NYCxDesign

Exploring the Sieni Collection at NYCxDesign

Sieni Collection, which combines the timeless elegance of design with Michael Yarinsky's innovative touch. The New York event showcased the beautiful furniture pieces at the Consul General's residence, embodying the spirit of collaboration between two nations and capturing the attention of New Yorkers with their unique charm.

Sieni collection at NYCxDesign

A Fusion of Finnish Craftsmanship and American Vision.

The partnership between Made by Choice and Michael Yarinsky was founded on mutual admiration for Finnish design principles and a shared dedication to craftsmanship. Yarinsky, already a passionate enthusiast of Finnish design, approached the collaboration with a profound understanding and appreciation for the culture and its rich heritage.

Made by Choice, known for its deliberate and open approach to furniture-making, provided Yarinsky with a platform to unleash his creativity. The Made by Choice team of skilled woodworkers, technicians, upholsterers, painters, and founders supported him throughout the process, granting him the freedom to experiment, take risks, and design according to their shared commitment to exceptional craftsmanship.

Michael Yarinsky

The Sieni Collection, which derives its name from the Finnish word for mushroom, offers a range of versatile furnishings suitable for various settings, such as homes, offices, and hospitality environments. Each piece in the collection draws inspiration from fungal structures, evoking images of stems, hyphae, caps, and gills. The inviting forms of these furniture items encourage a sense of exploration and interaction, simultaneously embodying both softness and strength.

"It was amazing to showcase the full Sieni collection for the first time in such a meaningful way. The Consul General of Finland hosting the work at his home reflected the spirit of collaboration in this project and between our 2 countries. On top of that, the collection had a strong response from community of New Yorkers that came out to see the work. Very excited to see these pieces in more spaces in the US soon." - Michael Yarinsky

Sieni chair Michael Yarinsky

Yarinsky's artistic approach involved starting with tactile curved wood details and joints, inspired by the organic shapes found in fungal structures. From there, he allowed the form-finding process to guide the growth of each piece, ensuring it fulfilled its functional requirements while maintaining its distinctive aesthetic.

Sieni collection

The event at the Consulate of Finland in New York, hosted by the Consul General himself, was a resounding success. It served as a perfect backdrop for unveiling the full Sieni Collection, highlighting the collaborative spirit that brought this project to life and symbolizing the partnership between Finland and the United States. The exhibition garnered tremendous interest from the local community, with New Yorkers captivated by the distinctiveness of the furniture pieces. 

Michael Yarinsky