VILLA LUELLA: From Mother to Daughter

VILLA LUELLA: From Mother to Daughter

Jumbo sized gingerbread shapes framing the windows and the hem of the house give this modern house a fun and cartoony feel

Nestled amidst lush surroundings, Villa Luella stands as a testament to the beautiful connection between architecture, design, and family. This 170sqm cross-laminated timber house is a tangible expression of love, creativity, and a strong bond between a mother and her daughter. Designed by the talented Minna Parikka, renowned for her groundbreaking work in the world of fashion, and Mikki Ristola/AOR architects, Villa Luella radiates a unique charm that's hard to miss.

Villa Luella. Picture: Katri Kapanen

Exterior Beauty with a Playful Twist

The first glance at Villa Luella's pink wooden exterior adorned with jumbo-sized gingerbread shapes framing the windows and edges elicits a sense of wonder and whimsy. This modern abode effortlessly merges architectural sophistication with a touch of cartoon-like playfulness. The exterior isn't just a mere façade; it's an invitation into a world where creativity knows no bounds.

Minna Parikka, known for her innovative footwear designs, has seamlessly translated her artistic prowess into the architectural realm. The whimsical touches and attention to detail showcase her commitment to creating spaces that evoke emotions and spark imagination.

Villa Luella, custom table. Pictured by: Katri Kapanen

Interior Tranquility and Harmony

Stepping inside Villa Luella is like entering a serene sanctuary where the worries of the world fade away. The interior, also crafted by Minna Parikka, envelops visitors in a soothing environment that feels like a warm embrace. The use of wood, combined with various shades of pink, creates a harmonious atmosphere that's both inviting and calming.

The fact that this house is designed "from mother to daughter" adds an extra layer of sentimentality. Every corner of the interior reflects the love and care a mother has for her child, transforming the house into a living, breathing extension of their relationship.

Villa Luella, Kolho chairs & custom table. Picture: Katri Kapanen

A Splash of Artistic Flair: Pink Kolho Dining Chairs and the Pill-Shaped Custom Table

The story of Villa Luella continues with a careful selection of furnishings that enhance the home's unique character. Enter the pink Kolho dining chairs, designed by Matthew Day Jackson. These chairs, with their sleek lines and vibrant color, add an artistic flair to the dining area, creating a delightful contrast against the wooden surroundings and the pill-shaped custom table made of ash wood. 

Picture: Katri Kapanen