Talk with Daniel Golling.

Daniel Golling's Choice

Daniel Golling's Choice

You have been established in the industry in many roles, as a journalist, running your podcast Summit, How would you describe your role and position?

- I usually call myself journalist, but the truth is that I do much more than that. Summit is an initiative that is engaged in publishing and exhibition curation. What all our projects have in common is an ambition to share knowledge about a globally connected and fast-changing design culture.

What is the most current you are working on or interesting you have done recently?

- At the moment we are finishing writing a book about contemporary Danish design.

From a Swedish viewpoint, how do you consider the Finnish design industry and what kind of expectations do you have?

- As I see it it's in desperate need of vitalization. I expect, and hope, that talented and innovative people will emerge on the scene.

What values make a design brand relevant today?

- Since there is no lack of good design brands I think a newcomer needs to think hard about it's "reason for being", what it is that makes it unique and relevant. And then be consistent and stick to that formula.

What is your favourite object from Choice and why?

- I have to say the Laakso chair. Very beautiful and well crafted.

Photo credit: Maja Flink (Portrait image of Daniel Golling)

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