Talk with Kirsi Pyrhönen.

Kirsi Pyrhönen’s Choice

Kirsi Pyrhönen’s Choice

Having worked as a model for many years how do you see the combination of fashion and interior aesthetics?
- Both combine function and aesthetics. They create lots of emotions and behind every furniture/fashion piece, there is a story full of culture and historical threads. For example, Scandinavian design. It's very recognizable, minimalist, with clean simple lines.

How did you get interested in interior design?
- I have always had a great interest in Interior Design, but my interest grew a lot when I bought and renovated my first apartment.

Why did you choose the Halikko bar stool as your favourite piece from the collection?
- I’m quite tall and I love to sit in high chairs. That's why I chose Halikko bar stool as my favourite. I also fell in love with the Aegean colour.

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