Made by Choice – Tailored for your purpose

Did you know the heart of Made by Choice is its factory and love for customisation? At Made by Choice we love customisation & individuality, which is why we invite our customers to create their own versions of the familiar Choice shapes.

Made by Choice – Tailored for your purpose
We have a range of standard Made by Choice colours but any colour according to RAL or NCS are available. Meaning what ever colour you can imagine, we can have it made.
An almost endless amount of fabrics choices can also be made, thanks to our Danish partner Kvadrat. Kvadrat is a world renowned fabric producer with high quality products from 1968.
We provide a range of standard fabric options but any furniture fabric from Kvadrat is available. Leather is also a popular upholstery material for our products and a material we love to work with. Leather is a durable material that is comfortable, easy to maintain and works very well with wood.
Tables, benches, work desks and side tables are available in tailored dimensions, such as width, height, depth.
Natural oak
Natural ply
Natural ash
Black stained ash
Plize yellow
BeeBee green
BeeBee blue
BeeBee orange
Pale Celadon
Pale Navy blue
Plize pink
Plize white
Tahiti blue
Electric yellow
Bright red
Matte black
sample kit fabrics
We can also customize the surface treatment. For example, it can be gradient or we can use several different colours to suit your wishes. Just send us a request with a reference photo and we will make sure your imagination is met. 
gradient finish, kolho chair
Halikko chair
Custom orders
For custom orders please contact us at Our team will personally take care of you and ensure your imagination is met.