Saku Sysiö - Interview

Saku Sysiö - Interview

Interviwe with Saku Sysiö


What led you to start collaborating with Made by Choice?

I've known Lasse Laine for quite some time, and I got to know Sebastian and Niclas in the early stages of the company. Their ideas and dedication to local materials and manufacturing, along with a similar passion for high-quality and sustainable furniture, got me interested in collaboration. In 2016, Made by Choice became excited about taking one of my designs to the prototype stage, which, however, ended up on the shelf for a while. I recall that one night in Stockholm, someone remembered it, and we decided to finalize the product and launch it (Laakso) at the Milan Furniture Fair in 2017.

Laakso chair with Saku Sysiö, Made by Choice

What has been your experience with Made by Choice from a designer's perspective?

The collaboration can be described as a kind of creative chaos, which is very energizing. You don't always precisely know what's going to happen and what will succeed, but ideas are always boldly prototyped. The carpenters play a central role and have succeeded in coming up with solutions that enable the realization of unique ideas. There are many similarities in the process to what happens in my own design studio, even though the projects are often otherwise very different.

What makes Made by Choice stand out from other furniture manufacturers?

Made by Choice stands out with bold choices in the styles and structures of their furniture, as well as unconventional collaboration patterns and events. For example, collaborations in the art and fashion world have opened different doors around the industry, making the overall concept more interesting than what is possible solely through furniture manufacturing. Through these choices, Made by Choice has been able to build its brand awareness on a larger scale and has become an internationally recognized manufacturer in the field.

Where do you draw inspiration for your design work?

Drawing inspiration is not something I consciously chase. I do design across a broad spectrum, so the nature of the project greatly influences my working methods. But probably from quite normal things like observing the environment, technology, traditions, materials, nature, art, movement, and everyday life. I combine these elements to create interesting objects, spaces, and furniture.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

It has been great to see from the beginning how Made by Choice has brought its modern vision to Finnish design and manufacturing. The collaboration has expanded my perspectives, and the team's courage and spontaneity in their work are even envyingly inspiring.

Saku Sysiö 2023

Colorful interior, Laakso with Saku Sysiö and Made by Choice