The GLITS Rainbow Lounge

The GLITS Rainbow Lounge

Kolho is a series of tables and chairs formed of right angles and serpentine forms. It is inspired by the Apollo landing and a small town called Kolho in Finland. The serpent represents temptation and chaos which supports the flat plane of reason. The space between Reason and Chaos is that of PLAY. This is the space where our human animal truly shows its greatest self. 


Kolho lounge rainbow GLITS

GLITS Rainbow Lounge, the newest piece in the iconic Kolho family is showcasing Matthew day Jackson's ability to challenge conventional notions and provoke through his art. Jackson created a unique rainbow plywood material for the chair which is paired with a custom Formica laminate that he developed in Kolho. The historical and contemporary use of rainbow iconography is a motif in Jackson’s work which he has incorporated into the GLITS Rainbow Lounge as a tribute to the values it represents and in support of the TLGBQIA community.


Kolho rainbow GLITS


The net proceeds of the first 20 GLITS Rainbow Lounge will be donated to GLITS Foundation in support of their work, 10% of net proceeds will be donated for all sales thereafter. GLITS Foundation is non-profit that creates holistic solutions and supports TLGBQIA and BIPOC community members through harm reduction, human rights principles, economic and social justice.

Matthew Day Jackson

The KOLHO Collection, born from the collaboration between Matthew Day Jackson and Made by Choice, transcends the boundaries of design and art. It seamlessly merges aesthetics, functionality, and social advocacy, making a bold statement about the importance of inclusivity and support for marginalised communities. Through the GLITS Rainbow Lounge, this collection not only offers a striking visual experience but also channels its success into positive change.

Kolho lounge GLITS rainbow


As we embrace the KOLHO Collection, we become part of a broader movement—one that champions human rights, celebrates diversity, and promotes social justice. It is a reminder that art has the power to inspire, uplift, and transform lives.

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