by Niclas Ahlström, founding partner of Made by Choice

The importance of handicrafts & tradition

The importance of handicrafts & tradition

A strong driver when starting Made by Choice was to highlight Finnish handicrafts and having products made in Finland. Especially now that many companies make their products in low-cost nations abroad (paying the producers next to nothing). It has been imperative for us to keep production in Finland striving for the highest quality in everything we do from products to highly ambitious initiatives. Having our own factory has also given us the capability to quickly prototype and manufacture new products. We maintain a childlike curiosity towards the world and are very open to breaking boundaries and collaborating with like-minded people.

There is great beauty in making quality products that people will treat with care, affection and respect. They can be handed down over generations and they are built on a strong foundation of values. This is what I define as true beauty instead of shabby lower quality products made solely from an aesthetic and economic perspective.
A business should be built on transparency and social responsibility. This requires sustainability and ethics from all producers. Unfortunately sole profit motive has created companies that go against these values.

The upkeeping of centuries of traditions within woodworking in Finland is critical to our existence. We are in an age of machine-made products that are generic. It is exactly this reason why we should upkeep these unique traditions inherent to us. There is a lot of heart and passion that goes into the creation of each product we make. Investing in quality production facilities and skilled labour fosters innovation and wellbeing that reflects through the products we make.

We are also proud of our production town of Salo. We are excited to invite our foreign guests to the region to explore the Finnish countryside and our production facilities.