Visiting the Ahlströms

Visiting the Ahlströms

I have always loved the old buildings in the city center that have history and look. Everything is close so it's easy with the kids. Home is a sacred place for us. The area and the building are central to the history of Helsinki, but still for us it's a quiet place to calm down in the middle of all the noise.

goma diningchair goma armchair & laulu cabinet made by choice

ovi table & goma chair made by choice

The inspiration for the interior came from Nordic modernism and from the look of the dining room. The interior design was based on our vision that Marianna Sorsa & Werner Barnard refined in collaboration. The key was to combine the old and the new.

lonna stool made by choice, kitcen protosdemos

A large part of the furniture is Made by Choice and the fixed furniture is the work of Protosdemos. There is a lot of emotional value behind them since I have been involved in every project that the furniture was originally made. There are also a few pieces of furniture that were made for the apartment, such as Thomas Sandell's "Tisti" cabinet and Daniel Schofield's "Ovi" table. The sofa has been in the family forever, as has the Alanda table, which was acquired in New York in the 80s.

tisti cabinet made by choice

Leia's favourites are the fireplace in the living room and Raili Tang's painting which was a graduation gift from Leia's parents. Wilhelmina's favourites are her little bunny and her own room.

My favourite things must be the Alanda table that has been in different homes since we lived in New York in the 80s. Also our orchids that have passed through different homes. Oh and I have to add the St. George Bakery & Spa and the kindergarten as my favourite things since they are so nearby!

kitchen protosdemos