The inspiration for the Wiurila chair's wing-shaped back is taken from the roof of the outbuildings of the Wiurila manor, and the chair's legs from the manor's pillars. It was natural to let Wiurila's architecture influence the design.


The historically important manor house of Wiurila in Halikko, is located next to the production facility of Made by Choice.

Wiurila has a long history dating back to the 15th century, but it was in the early 19th century that the medieval manor was expanded to what it is today. The corps de logis at Wiurila, a two-story stone building in neoclassical style designed by architect Charles Bassi, was completed in 1811 and is considered one of the most beautiful mansions of the era. A few decades later, it was joined by the brick outbuildings, which Magnus Reinhold Armfelt built according to drawings by Carl Ludvig Engel. 


Wiurila manor offers its visitors unique experiences including a 18 hole golf course, top level dining and a museum highlighting its illustrious history.



Photos: Mikko Pääkkönen