Kolho is a series of tables and chairs formed of right angles and serpentine forms. It is inspired by Apollo landing and a small town called Kolho in Finland. Kolho, a small town in Finland, and a word that eludes definition in English but can be described as meaning vacant, hollow or even creepy.


I happened upon Kolho while visiting the Serlachius Museum where a show of my paintings and sculptures, Maa, opened in May 2019. A conversation with curator Timo Valjakka lead to a tour of the nearby Formica factory, which led to meeting Niclas, Sebastian and Lasse of Made By Choice; which led to meeting Phil, Eva and Virginie of Formica... All of these serendipitous meetings developed into an obsession with creating a dining setting.

Kolho chair

The story of Apollo, as both a NASA mission and the Greek the god ofreason, is the genesis of this project. Apollo’s brother, Dionysus, reignsover ritual madness, theater, pleasure, fertility, and of course, wine. The two contradictory temperaments meet at this table: the flat, rational plane of the table sits upon legs that curve and wind like a serpent or grapevine.


The tables and chairs are sculptures that evince dining as theater. They create a space to share and create stories, with a Formica surface that promises to always wipe clean. In designing this furniture, I was seeking the space between Reason and Chaos: the state of PLAY. This is the space where our human animal shows its greatest self.

Kolho lounge

I don’t see this falling outside of art at all. I think objects tell stories... I don’t see a difference between sculpture and furniture.

- Matthew Day Jackson

Kolho table

Matthew Day Jackson

Matthew Day Jackson is a painter, sculptor, draftsperson, photographer and furniture maker based in Brooklyn, New York. Through his multifarious practice, which includes collage, drawing, video, performance, and installation, Jackson engages with a wide range of subjects, from the historical and scientific to the futuristic and fantastical.

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