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KOLHO round table

with Matthew Day Jackson

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Material: Plywood


width 120 cm

depth 120 cm

height 74 cm

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Product information

Round table with four serpentine formed legs. 

Material: Plywood

Width: 120 cm
Depth: 120 cm
Height: 74 cm

Kolho is a series of tables and chairs formed of
right angles and serpentine forms. It is inspired
by Apollo landing and a small town called Kolho
in Finland. The serpent represents temptation and
chaos which supports the flat plane of reason. The
space between Reason and Chaos is that of PLAY.
This is the space where our human animal truly
shows its greatest self.” — Matthew Day Jackson,
artist (Pace Gallery)

Matthew Day Jackson

Matthew Day Jackson

Matthew Day Jackson is an American artist whose multifaceted practice encompasses sculpture, painting, collage, photography, drawing, video, performance and installation. Born in Panorama City, California, in 1974 and currently living and working on the East Coast, his art grapples with big ideas such as the evolution of human thought, the fatal attraction of the frontier and the faith that man places in technological advancement. In particular, his work addresses the myth of the American Dream, exploring the forces of creation, growth, transcendence, and death through visions of its failed utopia.
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