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with Thomas Sandell

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Material: Oak & Natural leather

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Beautiful stand-alone chair made of oak and natural leather.

Sandell´s collaboration with Made by Choice started in 2019 when Sandell was
commissioned to design the new restaurant Goma in Stockholm. For this project, a custom
bar stool was created in close cooperation with Made by Choice. The development of the
stool lead to further collaboration, resulting in a collection named “Goma” after the restaurant
comprising a chair, armchair, and the bar stool. The collection was publicly launched during
the Stockholm Furniture Fair 2020 where it was nominated for the Born Classic Award.
The Pavo Lounge chair was designed by Thomas Sandell for the Goma restaurant as well,
while Ella Chair was designed as a stand-alone product.

Thomas Sandell

Thomas Sandell

Thomas Sandell Chief Architect (Born 1959 in Jakobstad, Finland)

Thomas Sandell founded Sandellsandberg Architects in 1995. He is an award-winning architect and designer with assignments around the world. In his role as chief architect, Thomas has designed various scale projects, from products to city plans, and he has designed a number of public buildings, such as cultural houses, exhibition halls, hotels, offices, libraries, schools and restaurants.

As a furniture designer, Thomas has collaborated with many Swedish and international furniture manufacturers. Swedese, Offecct, Källemo, Gärsnäs, Asplund, Ikea, Cappellini and B&B Italia to name a few. In all these projects, Thomas always strives for uniting factor between the details and the whole.

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